What is System Integration

Combining all of an organization's physical and virtual components is system integration. Machine systems, computer hardware, inventories, and other elements are the physical components. Data stored in databases, software, and apps make up the virtual components. The primary emphasis of system integration is integrating all of these components to operate as a single system. System [...]

What is a Fire Suppression System

Any fire protection infrastructure must have a fire suppression system. The word "fire suppression" refers to any engineering set of components designed to extinguish a fire. Putting out the fire can be done with an extinguishing agent such as water, foam, or chemical compounds. This article explains the purpose and functions of a fire suppression [...]

How to Test Fire Alarm

How to Test Fire Alarm Know how to test fire alarm? Every business, apartment, hotel, hospital, and school has a fire alarm system. Every year, fire does a lot of damage to businesses and can even lead to bankruptcy. Of course, the monetary loss is only part of the story since some fires result in [...]

What is CCTV

To monitor the launch of V2 rockets, German scientists invented CCTV technology in 1942. American scientists later employed it as part of the atomic bomb testing. Furthermore, CCTV has changed drastically since its development in 1942. Whereas once upon a time, it is only used to watch live footage, it rapidly evolved into a recording [...]

How to Install Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor low-voltage lighting is a pleasant floodlight alternative and also used to illuminate stairs, paths, and dark zones for safety purposes. In adding dramatic emphasis to your garden’s best feature, outdoor low-voltage lighting is by far your best choice. Furthermore, they can be as attractive and natural as the landscape itself when artfully installed. How [...]

What Is Considered Low Voltage?

Most of us suppose that every electrical system in our houses is essentially the same as one another. However, with the increasing emphasis on energy efficiency, we learned that the lightings and other wirings we use vary. An excellent example of this priority is the emergence of LED lighting systems in many homes. If you [...]